New Spring Stuff – mini-haul

Happy Friday! One of the shopping centers in town has a Barnes & Noble right next-door to an Ulta, so I get in trouble there fairly frequently. Last weekend I bought a few new spring-y lipstick shades and a few YAs I’ve been meaning to pick up for spring reading, and since it’s the name of the blog, I thought I’d share!

20150403_135345 (1)

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Try-it Tuesday: Revlon Matte Balm “Unapologetic”

Hello and welcome to the most maturely titled/acronym’ed new feature on my blog.

Last weekend, on the official first day of spring, I was supposed to fly to Vermont for a writing retreat/conference. It would’ve been my third year and, you guys, I love this retreat. I also would’ve gotten to see one of my dearest friends who lives in VT and whom I haven’t seen since my wedding in summer 2013, and I was so looking forward to seeing her (and, actually, talking about YA lit and lipstick). But snow at my connecting airport pushed back and pushed back and finally cancelled my Friday flight, and a Saturday flight they offered me would’ve meant missing most of the retreat. Thankfully, my critique group members were gracious enough to help me Skype in for our manuscript discussions, so it wasn’t a TOTAL loss, but still–my attitude about winter is at a record low this week.

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