Intro post

Hi! I’m Catey!


< this is my face

I love YA lit and I love lipstick (for a slightly more extensive list of things I love, see the about page), and I want to spend more time talking about things I love.

Some tentative plans for this blog include:

  • Book reviews! Mostly, you’ll probably see positive reaction/recommendation posts–not because I don’t think criticism is important, I¬†absolutely¬†do, but because there’s a lot of thoughtful criticism being written by people who are smarter than I am, and because I do my fair share of–let’s say short-form criticism–and I want this blog to be a space of positivity because I need that in my life. Also, really, I’m not likely to read a book about which I won’t have lots of positive things to say.
  • Makeup recommendations! Because I think it’s a jungle out there as far as trying to find the right shades, the right formulas, the right price… I’ve been learning about makeup from friends and other blogs for a couple years, and I’d like to share some knowledge! I’ll mostly focus on drugstore makeup because that’s where my budget is, ha, but I have some favorite splurges that I’ll be sharing too. So these posts might include swatches, maybe tutorials if I’m feeling brave…? Definitely selfies.
  • Favorites Flashbacks! Because I have so many books that I already love, so it doesn’t seem fair to focus just on new/current titles and never talk about older books that have influenced or impacted me in some way.
  • Probably other stuff! I won’t really know until I get the wheels rolling, and I’m open to suggestions and requests–let me know what you’re interested in!

It’s also totally possible that a couple of weeks will go by and I’ll forget this blog exists at all. But if not, I’ll see you again soon!