Hello! I’m Catey. I love my husband and my dog and my God and turtles and rock ‘n’ roll and makeup and books about powerful girls. In May 2015, I’ll graduate with an MFA degree in creative writing and never go back to school (maybe). I’ve always found myself drawn to YA more than any other subset of books, and have found a lot of comfort and healing and passion in YA books since I was a YA myself. I have a few short stories floating around on the internet and I’m working on a YA novel.

In the meantime, I’ll be talking here about some of the things I love! I’m so looking forward to being out of grad school and having time to read more of what I want to read, and I want to share that breath-of-fresh-air experience with YOU! Also, I have a bordering-on-unhealthy (but just bordering) love of makeup, so let’s talk about that, too.

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writing about ghosts
writing about getting lost in the woods


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