New Spring Stuff – mini-haul

Happy Friday! One of the shopping centers in town has a Barnes & Noble right next-door to an Ulta, so I get in trouble there fairly frequently. Last weekend I bought a few new spring-y lipstick shades and a few YAs I’ve been meaning to pick up for spring reading, and since it’s the name of the blog, I thought I’d share!

20150403_135345 (1)

I spent a long time struggling over book decisions in B&N because there really are a lot of things I want to pick up right now. I’ve heard amazing things about Aisha Saeed’s Written in the Stars and Stacey Lee’s Under a Painted Sky, neither of which I could find after lots of searching, so there was the 20150403_134910to-order-or-not-to-order conundrum. I did find a paperback of Evan Roskos’s Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets on shelves, I think a few days early, and I’ll probably go back for it pretty soon due to lack of will power. But I went with Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity in paperback because all of my closest friends who read YA yelled at me recently about not having read it yet (“This book was practically written for you!”), and with Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before because I’ve heard such great things and 20150403_134922because I found a signed copy, and I’m a sucker for surprise signed copies. Both are also a little outside what I’ve been reading lately, as “historical fiction” and “romance”–in scare quotes because I’ve been assured that both books are rich combinations of a lot of different things. I’m excited to get into them both! (Although it might be a little while, as Courtney Summer’s All the Rage is out on Tuesday, and I have 2-3 copies coming whoops, and I’ve been John-the-Baptist-ing for that book for months now.)

Lipsticks didn’t take as long and most of them were impulse-buys based on a very small amount of YouTube research; I’ve gotten into a pretty serious fall colors/reds rut so I wanted to try to pick up some springier shades, although I don’t really believe you have to go lighter for spring and can wear whatever you want whenever you want. It’s just nice to 20150403_135742have something different. I got two each from CoverGirl’s colorlicious and Maybelline’s rebel bloom lines and one from NYX’s high voltage lipsticks. Left to right here they’re CoverGirl 395 Darling Kiss and 410 Ravishing Rose, NYX 05 Flutter Kiss, and Maybelline 705 Blushing Bud and 735 Rose Rush. And since I waited long enough to post this, I have pictures wearing a few of them!

On the right here is Darling Kiss, which was the one I was 20150403_134735most eager to try. It’s a really pretty sort of dusty pink color. I think it would be flattering on a lot of different skin tones and go with a lot of different makeup looks. On the left is Rose 20150407_091000Rush. I had hopes that Rose Rush would be a bright springy red and it is AMAZING. I love it and have worn it three times already. It also fades evenly to a really nice coral-y red, which I found out when I accidentally left the tube at home one day. A really gorgeous warm color.

I don’t have pictures of the others on, but they’re also great. Ravishing Rose has some sparkle in it and I don’t love shimmery lipsticks usually, but this one was so pretty. I actually loved the way it looked on, which was a nice semi-surprise! Flutter Kiss is also really interesting and unlike anything else I have, sort of a beigey purple that I think would be a nice neutralish to pair with heavier eye makeup. Blushing Bud is a pretty familiar soft springy pink, nothing special but very pretty. I really do like all of these colors, though, and don’t plan on taking any of them back!

What are some of your new spring buys, or spring hope-to-buys?


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