Try-it Tuesday: Revlon Matte Balm “Unapologetic”

Hello and welcome to the most maturely titled/acronym’ed new feature on my blog.

Last weekend, on the official first day of spring, I was supposed to fly to Vermont for a writing retreat/conference. It would’ve been my third year and, you guys, I love this retreat. I also would’ve gotten to see one of my dearest friends who lives in VT and whom I haven’t seen since my wedding in summer 2013, and I was so looking forward to seeing her (and, actually, talking about YA lit and lipstick). But snow at my connecting airport pushed back and pushed back and finally cancelled my Friday flight, and a Saturday flight they offered me would’ve meant missing most of the retreat. Thankfully, my critique group members were gracious enough to help me Skype in for our manuscript discussions, so it wasn’t a TOTAL loss, but still–my attitude about winter is at a record low this week.

So I went out and bought some spring-or-bust lipstick!  Continue reading


#womeninfiction — 3 Faves

If you haven’t been following the #womeninfiction trending topic on Twitter, started by the awesome Preeti Chhibber, I highly recommend catching up! It’s been an awesome celebration of fictional women and what makes us love them, what makes them real and powerful and vibrant.

To kick off the blog, I want to highlight a few of the literary ladies I tweeted about, why I love them, and why you might, too! Continue reading

Intro post

Hi! I’m Catey!


< this is my face

I love YA lit and I love lipstick (for a slightly more extensive list of things I love, see the about page), and I want to spend more time talking about things I love.

Some tentative plans for this blog include:

  • Book reviews! Mostly, you’ll probably see positive reaction/recommendation posts–not because I don’t think criticism is important, I absolutely do, but because there’s a lot of thoughtful criticism being written by people who are smarter than I am, and because I do my fair share of–let’s say short-form criticism–and I want this blog to be a space of positivity because I need that in my life. Also, really, I’m not likely to read a book about which I won’t have lots of positive things to say.
  • Makeup recommendations! Because I think it’s a jungle out there as far as trying to find the right shades, the right formulas, the right price… I’ve been learning about makeup from friends and other blogs for a couple years, and I’d like to share some knowledge! I’ll mostly focus on drugstore makeup because that’s where my budget is, ha, but I have some favorite splurges that I’ll be sharing too. So these posts might include swatches, maybe tutorials if I’m feeling brave…? Definitely selfies.
  • Favorites Flashbacks! Because I have so many books that I already love, so it doesn’t seem fair to focus just on new/current titles and never talk about older books that have influenced or impacted me in some way.
  • Probably other stuff! I won’t really know until I get the wheels rolling, and I’m open to suggestions and requests–let me know what you’re interested in!

It’s also totally possible that a couple of weeks will go by and I’ll forget this blog exists at all. But if not, I’ll see you again soon!